Well, plans are underway!  Music at Mackie is coming back – in a slightly different way!

Dr. Bonnie Henry says “Fewer faces, bigger spaces”, well, we have the space so it has just taken us a bit to figure out how to do the fewer faces.  Plans are now in the works!

We are now open to the public – still by appointment or reservation – but we welcome you to call and book a private tour.  Groups of 6 in their own “bubble” will be welcome and we would encourage everyone to wear masks as we tour the interior of the House.  These tours will only be offered on set days and by reservation, but they will be the same informative, entertaining tour that you would get any other time!  $10 per person!

We are working on a new angle to our Music at Mackie evenings.  A few talented musicians, a few more guests, an intimate evening of fantastic music!  We are currently booking musicians for Friday evenings in July and August!  Watch for dates, times and acts. We are going to make this happen!