About Us:

The Mackie Lake House Foundation exists because of the vision of Patrick (Paddy) Mackie who formed the Foundation in 1993. Paddy worked with the original Mackie Lake House Foundation Boards and gave the first tours of the Mackie Lake House. In 1999, on Paddy’s death, the property was bequeathed to the Foundation. The mandate of the Mackie Lake House Foundation is: To preserve and present the building, grounds, furnishings and related history of Mackie Lake House for the enjoyment and education of the public.

We hope you enjoy a little History of Mackie Lake House and our current happenings with Around the House. You can get regular updates about activities and events here at Mackie Lake House by subscribing to our newsletter. We are open year round and would love to have you visit us here at Mackie Lake House.

Current Board of Directors:
Greg Wylie, Bev Rundell, Jim McNamara, Penny McDonald, Pip Jordan, Lynn Belsher, Liz MacArthur, Debbie MacLeod

Previous board members:
Maria Besso, Carol Willis, Victor Noakes, Ron Candy, Buffie Moir, Dave Brennan, Deborah Stuart, Donna Hall, Bernice Nakashima, Sharon Lawrence, Rod Wark, Jamie Kidston, Linda Wills, Ken Mather, Dennis Overend, Paul Tassie, Gary Green, Jan Waldon, Bob Eby, Ken Waldon, Hadrian Merler, Harry Adam, Judy Turner, Del Welsh, Gavin Parsons, Lawrna Myers, Craig Broderick, Dianna Ferguson, Neil Woolliams, Rod Faust, Givonna DeBruin, Jim McNamara

House Manager:

Valerie Cherwoniak comes  to Mackie House with a strong business background, mostly in marketing and sales.  Valerie’s most recent position was as General Manager of a larger company in Edmonton.  She and her husband have owned a small house here in Vernon for 10 years now and have spent as much time as they possibly could in the Okanagan Valley.  Their goal was to come here and enjoy another phase of their lives as soon as they could.  Val began her new role at MLH on March 15th- just as everything shut down for COVID-19.  Her introduction to Mackie Lake House has been challenging, but her fresh hand innovative ideas have introduced a few new events to the grounds of Mackie Lake House.  Keep watching for new and exciting things to happen!

Do you like to garden? Do you like to work with kids? Do you like to serve tea? Are you interested in history? If you think you would enjoy helping us out at Mackie Lake House why not become a member of the Friends ? Contact us for more information.