Artist in Residence

An Artistic Mackie at the Mackie Lake House

The Mackie Lake House Foundation Artist-in-Residence Program is a collaborative partnership between Mackie Lake House Foundation and Vernon Public Art Gallery (VPAG). The Artist-in-Residence Program is made possible through the generosity of Patrick (Paddy) Fylton Mackie who established and funded the Mackie Lake House Foundation. Patrick Mackie was a patron of the arts and a gifted artist in his own right and the Artist-in-Residence Program was established in his memory.

This year our Artist in Residence is Jolene Mackie, an artist living and working in Kelowna BC. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Emily Carr University in 2009, Jolene has pursued art making professionally with a focus on the medium of oil painting. Jolene finds inspiration in simple, fleeting moments: a unique quality of light, the shape of shadows, and the living palettes that colour our daily existence. Her work tends to blend traditional techniques with simplified stylized subjects. Jolene’s inspiration stems from an interest in the illusion of painting – the attempt at creating depth and a sense of space using simple pigments on a flat surface. Her work blends fascination with the world around us and the whimsy of human imagination into wholly unique visual experiences.

“I am very interested in using this time to research and learn more about my personal heritage, and whether it aligns with the Mackie’s of the Lake House. I would like to leave room for the work to evolve as I exist in this heritage house, and delve into personal and community history, as I’m certain this will influence the work that is produced.” Jolene