House Tours of Mackie Lake House

Back In Time Tours 

Grand staircase

A tale of three teapots, a rattlesnake hunting Reverend, a gift from the King of Naples! Discover these and a multitude of other fascinating stories at this historic grand home. 

Whether you are interested in architecture or history, our Private Tours can be tailored just for you!

Mackie Lake House Tours  are currently available by appointment only.  Please call 250-545-1019 to reserve.  All groups must be people in the same “bubble” and  no more than 6 people.

Tickets are $10 per person


“6 of us booked to do a tour of the Mackie house and were delighted with the experience. Thank you Valerie for showing us such a unique look into the lives of the Mackie’s and the architecture of the time. Your stories made the place come alive for us. We were a family of young and old who all enjoyed the tour. It was so fun to talk at dinner about our favorite parts.”