It’s a cloudy, slightly rainy day today but there is always something to brighten your day.  These beautiful little forget-me-nots made me smile.  To me they are a reminder to remember. Remember the good days and good times and the people you love.

It is very quiet around Mackie Lake House.  No crowds of children with their school classes visiting Fylton Forest and touring the house.  No planning and preparing for Mother’s Day Tea. So quiet.  But these little flowers remind me that there is hope for a brighter tomorrow. The saying “to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” resonates when I see these. 

One day, hopefully soon, we will be back planning and preparing.  The children will come to the House once again and many people will hold their celebrations on the grounds.  Music and laughter will fill the air. 

Mackie Lake House is 110 years old this year. It has stood through good times and through bad and will be here when life begins to feel more normal again. We will look forward to your visits. 

Until then. Be kind. Be calm. Stay safe.  

See you soon.