Mackie Lake House School Tours


2021 School Field Trip Update:

2021 finds us in an usual predicament.  We are unable to offer full tours and free bussing this year due to the constraints of the COVID-19 situation.  We do, however, have another option.

From April 28th to May 19th we will have onsite a teacher candidate from UBCO.  Ms. Voth will be leading classes through Fylton Forest in outdoor exploration and natural discovery.  This will allow any class that wishes to come and learn about the natural flora and fauna found here with access to the resources found in the outdoor classroom.  If you would like to book a time to come or need more information, please email Ruth at

We are pleased and excited to offer this field trip opportunity for School District #22 every spring. The Mackie Lake House Foundation is pleased to provide complimentary bus transportation for SD#22 students for these field trips.

Our field trip program can help you to meet the Prescribed Learning Outcomes in English, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. Included in the field trip is a guided tour of the Historic Mackie Lake House including the history of the Lake House, the Mackie family and the Coldstream. You will also experience an interactive experience in Fylton Forest, an onsite outdoor classroom that facilitates exploration of our natural world.

Please review this information form that includes a brief description of each tour along with other materials to assist you in preparing for this field trip. For additional information, to arrange to preview the House and grounds, or to tailor the tour to your curriculum needs please call us at 250-545-1019 or email

The Mackie Lake House Foundation is pleased to support arts and culture, science and education in our community. Remember the bus transportation for SD#22 students is free!

Please book your visit directly with Mackie Lake House by calling 250-545-1019, or email us at