Well, do you think this year can get any crazier?  

We were so excited to have Andrew and Taylor  back this summer and our limited quantity tickets easily sold out.  The skies were cloudy before they came to set up and as you can see in the first photograph, the smoke from the White Rock Lake wildfire was noticeable in the sky.   Andrew, Taylor, our staff and volunteers were not deterred by the forecast of rain!

The music was fantastic but as the winds picked up and the skies turned crazy colours more and more evacuation alerts were issued.  The evening came to a quick end when we realized the rain we were having was actually wet ash falling like sleet! We’ve never had such a speedy departure of our guests after a musical evening as everyone left to prepare for possible evacuation.

Today the smoke has rolled back in after a few clear sky days.  The forecast says it might rain a bit this weekend and  we are once again keeping our fingers crossed.  We still have two more musical evenings planned and there are weddings and other events booked here at the House. This summer has kept Valerie and Ruth very busy and the challenges have been unique.  We hope you have had a good summer so far in spite of the craziness.  We hope to see you around the House sometime soon.