Have you heard the news?

For the past eight years Christine Kashuba has been the person our community can reach and depend on in relation to Mackie Lake House.  If you were attending a tea, taking a tour, or having your wedding at this beautiful historic site you would have appreciated Christine’s knowledge and insightfulness.  Christine oversaw events that included “Music at Mackie”, and  “Christmas Teas” that were always a big hit with the community. Under Christine’s guidance the month of May was busy with visits by school children which provided them with the opportunity to explore nature and the history of Mackie Lake House. Behind the scenes Christine appreciated the amazing collections housed at the Mackie Lake House and learned about the photos, books, music, and artifacts. She loved to hear and record the stories of people in the community who were connected to the Mackie family and worked at creating a bank of Oral History stories which she hopes someday will be digitized.  Christine enthusiastically shared the story of the Mackie Lake House wherever she went. 

Mackie Lake House Foundation wishes to recognize her insight, creativity and compassion.  Christine has been a much loved manager.

Neil Woolliams, Chairman of Mackie Lake House Foundation states, “Christine has done so much in making Mackie Lake House a part of the fabric of our whole community.

She will be missed by everyone!”