Luis Fuentes

Luis Fuentes is a native of Peru, born in 1969 to a family of artists. As a young man, Luis was exposed to the world of painting by his uncle, a very well-known artist in Peru. After completing high school, Luis entered university to pursue a degree in architecture and fine arts, but came to realize painting was his true vocation and he re-dedicated his efforts to complete his fine art training. In 1990, while he was still a student, he won first prize in the Peruvian National Watercolor Competition. This prestigious event earned Luis both recognition and the opportunity to show his work in galleries in his country. Today, Luis shows his work worldwide. Prestigious Galleries from Canada, USA and Australia are proud to represent him.

One of the most important elements of Luis’ artwork is the contrast between light and shadow. Each painting features rich shadows and bright highlights, to give his work a glowing illusion of reality. Luis travels the world, taking pictures of the architecture in different cities, using the photos to inform his compositions. His images are painted from life, but they are not exact copies – he prefers universal themes over specific locations.

You can visit his website at the below address: